Results based personal training*

Our personal trainers will help you stay motivated to lose weight, get fit and tone up and will work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.*

We are highly qualified and experienced to provide the best quality personal training around. Lennan Fitness approaches health and fitness from a holistic frame of mind where flexibility, mobility, stabilisation and nutrition are just as, if not more important than strength. To sacrifice form is to cannibalise potential results and that is why we pride ourselves on teaching correct technique.

Sessions are personally tailored for the individual with no options for shortcuts. Lennan Fitness clients see exceptional results* from a progressive blend of manual physical therapy, mobility and strength training.

Many of our existing clients have come to us to lose weight, recover from injury, improve body shape and to get fit* – often prior to big events in their life such as an upcoming wedding, a school reunion, or their doctor has told them they need to get fitter.

Personal training locations:

Lennan Fitness does regular personal training sessions at Healthworks Gyms in both Teneriffe on the river and Gasworks in Newstead; we also do personal training sessions in New Farm Park, Newstead Park and group classes in Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens. Our personal trainers are also mobile and have flexible schedules so we can come directly to you at a time that works best for you.

Our personal training packages include:

  • A tailored fitness and exercise package
  • Nutritional advice to help lose weight (or gain weight if required)
  • A health assessment including fat and muscle measurement
  • A choice of either 30, 45 or 60 minute training sessions
  • Flexible training times
  • No long term contracts
  • A friendly atmosphere

If you tell us your motivation of why you would like to join our personal training team, we’ll help you stay focused, get results and achieve your goals*. Make a change for the better in your life today and arrange a free 30 minute training session.

Obstacle course

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary from client to client depending on individual circumstances.