Personal training with Lennan Fitness

Lennan Fitness offers personal training in New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead. We know the best spots for getting a good workout outdoors and we love training our clients in this beautiful, natural and urban environment.

Some of our favourite exercise locations include Wilson Outlook Reserve, Merthyr Park, New Farm Park, Powerhouse Park, Riverwalk and Teneriffe and Newstead Park. There is an abundance of grassy areas for drills, tracks for runs, stairs for sprints and the views across Brisbane City or the Brisbane River are fantastic – perfect for when you get a chance to catch your breath!

Depending on your personalised training program, we may also bring some equipment for your training session. This includes, but is not limited to: skipping ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, boxing equipment and specialist rollers and balls for mobility.

Our goal is to get you functionally fit – and this means that you are equipped to handle fitness in the real world and not just in a gym environment. Let’s face it, there are not many real life situations that require you to bench press or deadlift. You are more likely to need to run, climb, jump, pull and be agile. This is why our personal training sessions are primarily located outdoors in the real world and our exercises are focused on building strength, speed, agility, mobility and balance.

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